Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

What’s Happening Near Me?

There are two ways to find out what developments, workshops and events are happening near you, and how your local area could be improved or affected by the Neighbourhood Plan: 1. browse articles on a… more →

The Plan (Pt.1 Policies)

i June 2018 2 comments

Part One of our plan will be subject to referendum. Here you will find the latest draft summary as well as the full document. What do you think? What do you agree with and disagree… more →

Strategic Environmental Assessment Determination for Consultation

This purpose of this pre-screening report is to provide an early indication of whether a more detailed HRA assessment is likely to be required for the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan.  Brighton & Hove City Council’s… more →

Questions about the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan boundary

i January 2014 no comments yet

UPDATE: The final boundary has since been designated by the council. There are two neighbourhood Plan areas around DA6. Our Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum area is shown in purple. View an interactive Map ➔ Read more… more →

What is a community-led Neighbourhood Plan?

The Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document which sits alongside the Council’s City Plan and has to be taken into account by the Local Planning Authority when making decisions on planning applications. It’s purpose is… more →

The Objectives

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The strategic objectives help to deliver our vision for the future of the Hove station area. These objectives relate to land-use issues and provide the framework to develop our plan policies and proposals. They are broad… more →

Who’s preparing the Hove Station plan?

Neighbourhood plans depend almost entirely on the voluntary resources that a community can muster. Luckily for Hove, a group of experienced local businesses and residents (including architects and planning professionals)  – the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum… more →

How is the Plan being prepared, what are the rules?

Neighbourhood planning can be kept very simple. It is the community’s plan and needs only to deal with the planning issues that matter to us. See the simple guide to writing planning policies ➔. The… more →

How long does it take to make a Neighbourhood Plan?

HSNF formally started at the end of 2014 and is nearing the end of the process. Find out the current status here. If you’d like to help, please sign up and have your say.

Do neighbourhood plans have to be evidence based and deliverable?

Yes, neighbourhood plans must have appropriate regard to national policy, including the National Planning Policy Framework and any evidence requirements set out in this. The Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum is abiding by the legal requirements and… more →

Isn’t neighbourhood planning just a tool for those who want to block development?

In a word, no! Neighbourhood planning enables communities to shape the development of their local area in a positive way. With over 260 plans now in force, early findings suggest that when communities get a… more →

Can a Neighbourhood Plan stop development?

In theory, yes – approved neighbourhood planning documents can play a key role in stopping unwanted development. The documents name sites for housing developments and, if they are approved in a referendum, they become a… more →

How many Neighbourhood Plans get voted in / approved?

Out of 52 published referendums, the average ‘Yes’ vote was 88%, with an average turnout of 32%, slightly above local election turnouts.

Can a land owner object at examination if his site is not allocated for development in a neighbourhood plan?

Examinations will be by written representations, examiners will have the ability (indeed will have a duty) to hear oral representations, where necessary, to ensure adequate examination of issues or to ensure a person has a… more →

Do town councils make the final decision on all new development if they have a neighbourhood plan?

Yes, decision-making on planning applications rests with the Local Planning Authority (LPA). The community leads on preparing the plan and setting out the policies for development in their area but it is the LPA that… more →

How can good design be made into policy?

A neighbourhood plan enables a community to influence the design and character of future development in the area where they live. This means producing polices which set forth specific design requirements for a neighbourhood area… more →

What is a Design Code?

A design code provides detailed design guidance for a site or area; they prescribe design requirements (or ‘rules’) that new development within the specified site or area should follow. They can include requirements for built… more →