Status of the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan

There are three main stages to producing a neighbourhood plan. This checklist shows our current status in the journey towards a referendum on 9th Feb 2024 – and beyond.

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What happens next?

Having a plan in place is just part of the story. The ambitions of the plan then need to materialise as real changes on the ground. Landowners and developers will help to achieve this. However, elements of the plan may need active interventions on the part of the community, the local planning authority, other organisations and key stakeholders. In both areas of high growth and areas of deprivation, there may be some kinds of development that the market is unable or unlikely to deliver. Community-led development may be the solution in such instances.

It is important to note that neighbourhood forums exist to produce neighbourhood plans and have a life of 5 years only. They do not have a formal role in the implementation of a neighbourhood plan. The members of a neighbourhood forum may wish to consider how they can stay involved and support implementation, perhaps through the creation of another type of organisation, such as a community land trust or community development trust. Such organisations sometimes take on building assets for conversion or undertake new- build development, for example to create enterprise space, community facilities or residential accommodation.

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