Planning Policies

Local and national planning policy relevant to the neighbourhood plan

Draft Plan ready for Public Consultation – Have Your Say: 23 March – 4 May 2019

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The official Regulation 14 Draft of our Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan has now been published and is available for inspection on our website. Please follow this link:… more→

Draft Policy 15: Conservation

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Proposals for change of use and /or improvements to the original station building will be expected to contribute to increasing the attraction of this part of the centre of the new Hove… more→

Draft Policy 11: Tall buildings

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In the DA6 part of the Neighbourhood Plan area, building heights will generally be limited to six storeys, with the following exceptions: To the north of the railway taller buildings… more→

Draft Policy 10: Design & Public Realm

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Designs should make good use of land and create high quality, well landscaped spaces. Strong emphasis should also be placed on the design of the street environment to achieve a high-quality… more→

Have Your Say Day Invite 23 March 2019

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We are now in the final stages of preparing your Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan and the regeneration of the Hove Station Area is gathering momentum. Come to Honeycroft and have your… more→

Strategic Environmental Assessment Report (SEA)

Results of the assessment of the neighbourhood Plan against a set of sustainability objectives. The purpose is to avoid adverse environmental and socio-economic effects, and identify… more→

New Waste & Minerals Site Plan adopted (February 2017)

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The council’s plans for a new Waste & Minerals Site have been adopted (February 2017). They have allocated a nearby site at Sussex House Industrial Area and noted the following:… more→

Brighton & Hove City Plan Question Time Debate 31.05.2012

Generating Future Investment for Our City Brighton & Hove City Plan Question Time Debate, held at Brighton College by Centurion Group and Sprunt, in association with Brighton… more→

The Plan – Introduction

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Welcome to the Hove Station Forum website. The purpose is to give local people the chance to shape your neighbourhood, by creating a reference guide that planners and developers need… more→

What is a community-led Neighbourhood Plan?

  • The Neighbourhood Plan is a legal document which sits alongside the Council’s City Plan and has to be taken into account by the Local Planning Authority when making decisions on planning

T A Architects

Turner Associates Ltd (T A Architects) is supporting the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan through in-kind support including informal planning advice, architectural sketch schemes… more→

The Vision

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…a vibrant and inclusive community focused on a new Hove Station Quarter, a great place to live, work and relax. our vision The overall aim of the Plan is to facilitate the regeneration… more→

What difference can the Neighbourhood Plan make ?

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When compared with the Council’s ‘business as usual’ approach of dealing with developers on a project-by-project basis, the Neighbourhood Plan can get a better deal to improve our… more→

The Objectives

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The strategic objectives help to deliver our vision for the future of the Hove station area. These objectives relate to land-use issues and provide the framework to develop our plan… more→

The Plan (Pt.1 Policies)

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Here you will find the latest draft summary and the full Neighbourhood Plan document. Part One will be subject to referendum. What do you think? What do you agree with and disagree… more→


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