Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

iFirst Published: 18 Oct 2016 Updated: 10 Feb 2019    by Comments Off on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Prepared by AECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK Ltd for Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum (7th November 2018)

Determination for Consultation

The 2016 pre-screening report provided an early indication of whether a more detailed HRA assessment is likely to be required for the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan. 

Brighton & Hove City Council’s conclusion:

…From the consideration of the local area, sites and issues, this report concludes that a full HRA screening, or full HRA assessment is not required for the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan.
This is based on:
• The Vision and Objectives
• The distance of the Hove Station Neighbourhood Area to the Castle Hill SAC
• The conclusion of the HRA Screening for the City Plan Part 1 (Proposed Modifications)

Read the full report of the council’s view of our Plan – Draft Oct 2016: