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Newtown mapArticles about the area where Hyde are building their major development.

The Goldstone Retail Park was built on the site of Brighton & Hove Albion Goldstone Football Ground. The large, noisy retail sheds and car park have left no vestige of the former use, despite its iconic, historic and cultural significance to many thousands of the city’s football fans.

The Forum has created an illustrative ‘blue skies’ vision of how this area could be more appropriately redeveloped in the long term, through a design which, inter alia, commemorates its role in the city’s history.

The issue for the Neighbourhood Plan is the need to explore the feasibility of a second redevelopment of this site in the context of an integrated, mixed-use redevelopment of the whole of DA6.

Public consultation on redevelopment of Peugeot dealership site, Newtown Road

i May 2018 1 comment

Public consultation on plans for redevelopment of the Peugeot dealership site at Newtown Rd, Hove, BN3 7BA Wed 9th May 3pm – 7pm at Newtown Road, Hove, BN3 7BA This public exhibition is by the developers becg for the KAP … Continue reading

Hyde Housing update Aug 2017

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The Hyde Group of developers have published a video and website about the development in Newtown Road/Goldstone Lane – now known as New Wave Hove. Construction is expected by August 2018. › 59 Flats › 6 Houses › Outright sale: 39 … Continue reading

Call for major improvements to Hove Station Footbridge

i Apr 2017 1 comment

Architect David Kemp is among a number of local businesses and residents calling for more substantial work on the bridge which has fallen into “an appalling condition”. Mr Kemp drew up designs for an improved footbridge and the Neighbourhood Forum … Continue reading

Hyde Housing update Nov 2015

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Hyde Housing update: Yesterday, three of us from the forum met with Hyde Housing ( in Davigdor Road. They gave us an update on the planned redevelopment on the corner of Goldstone Lane and Newtown Road. Demolition and clear-up is … Continue reading

Concepts & Options

i Oct 2016 3 comments

Aspirations > Outstanding Questions There are three major developments happening or about to happen in the Hove Station area. This is the result of top-down planning by the city council. In response to this, the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum have … Continue reading


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