Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum – An Emerging Vision For The Station Area

News 13th November 2015

We have just completed the final consultation draft of the report:  HOVE STATION FORUM – AN EMERGING VISION FOR THE STATION AREA

(see link below).

This document sets out our work since we were formally designated at the end of 2014 – as the Forum which has the responsibility for preparing the
Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan. The substance of the report will be presented visually and discussed at the Have Your Say Day on 21st November 2015, along with the Matsim Hove Gardens proposal and contributions from other landowners and developers  – Mountpark and Hyde Housing. The Acting City Planning Officer will give the council’s view on recent developments.

Our community engagement work is aimed at ensuring that as many residents and businesses as possible contribute directly to the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan over the next nine months or so. The Vision Consultation Draft very much focuses on the idea of a new Hove Station Quarter being created through a  Neighbourhood Plan which promotes the co-ordinated redevelopment of Development Area 6 (DA6) as a new centre for Hove.

Overall, the Forum wants to avoid uncoordinated, piecemeal, project by project redevelopment.

There is now the opportunity to develop a vision of the integrated redevelopment of area DA6 as a new focal point for this part of Hove (the whole
should be greater than the sum of the parts).

A Neighbourhood Plan that will help to bring this about.

2015-11-13 Vision – final consultation draft