Low Carbon Neighbourhoods – Energy Plan

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BHESCo worked with the Hove Station sustainability group to develop an Energy plan for the Neighbourhoods within the designated area. Ollie Pendered, ex-Communications and Communities… more→

Hove Station Area – Visual Surveys

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In 2016, students from The University of Brighton surveyed Hove Station and surrounding areas – revealing interesting insights  – to inform our neighbourhood… more→

Who owns Hove Station Development Area 6 ?

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Hove Station Neighbourhoods Forum is doing research to find out land ownership in DA6. Why are we doing this? Because the companies that own the land will have a massive influence… more→

‘Have Your Say’ Day 2013 – Resident Feedback

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On 16th February 2013 the Forum held a ‘Have Your Say’ day at the Honeycroft Centre on Sackville Road. The event was held to share information with the local community on the development… more→

Have Your Say day 2 invite – Sep 2013

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HOVE STATION NEIGHBOURHOODS FORUM invites you to come and HAVE YOUR SAY about the future of your neighbourhood and your Neighbourhood Plan At an exhibition/coffee and tea drinking/drop… more→

The Story So Far

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November 14th 2012 Goldsmid Ward councillors called a second meeting for residents to discuss
  • the proposals being developed by MATSIM for the redevelopment of the bus garage and

Hove Station FootBridge Photos

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See our proposals > See the petition >… more→

Inaugural General Meeting

This is an invitation to attend the Inaugural General Meeting of the Hove Station Neighbourhoods Forum on July 2nd at the Vallance Community Centre – 7.30pm to 9.30 pm The date… more→


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