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Hove bus garage would be replaced with a ‘high quality’ building if permission granted

Brighton & Hove Buses want to redevelop its office and garage building in Conway Street, on the west corner of Fonthill Road (see map below). The proposals were developed while considering the “wider masterplan aspirations” for the area. Designs include artwork on a community wall and green fencing. The planning application can be found on the council website at planningapps.brighton-hove.gov.uk by searching for BH2021/01731.

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Area wide linkages - Hove Station Quarter

Policy 1: Creation of the Hove Station Quarter

Development proposals in the area compromising DA6 in the City Plan Part One will be supported if they demonstrate a comprehensive and integrated approach supporting the creation of Hove Station Quarter with a strong relationship to the station. [Hove Station Area SPD18 provides development management guidance and is supported by relevant Neighbourhood Plan policies]. City Plan DA6 will be suitable … Read more

photo of goldstone-retail-park

Policy 2: Goldstone Retail Park

In the event that the Goldstone Retail Park site becomes available for redevelopment, proposals for mixed use residential and employment use will be supported. See Fig.7, zone P2 Reason: This substantial area of land has the potential to make a substantial additional contribution to the city’s housing need, whilst retaining or increasing the current amount of employment generated on site. It … Read more

Policy 3: Conway St Bus Depot

Policy 3: Conway St Bus Depot

Proposals for redevelopment and/or rationalisation of the current bus depot to provide or incorporate residential and employment uses will be supported as part of a comprehensive redevelopment of the area of DA6 south of the railway. Redevelopment proposals for the site which provide improved access to Hove Station, and which would essentially be car-free, will be supported.See Fig. 7, zone … Read more

Hove Conway Ellen area

Policy 4: Land South of the Railway

Comprehensive redevelopment of land south of the Railway will be supported, taking account of guidance provided in the adopted Hove Station Area SPD. Development should be mixed use residential and employment and should have regard to existing and emerging development proposals elsewhere within the SPD area. Any further development in this area over and above permissions already granted should severely … Read more

Policy 7:   Employment

Policy 7: Employment

All development proposals within the Hove Station Quarter that are for employment purposes or involve employment provision should accord with the local priorities and requirements set out in Policy DA6 of the City Plan Part One. Proposals for new retail floorspace within the neighbourhood area should generally be restricted to existing shopping centres defined in the City Plan to help … Read more

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The Plan (Pt.1 Policies)

Here you will find the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan (HSNP) documents – produced by local residents after extensive community engagement . Part One will be subject to referendum (9 Feb ’24). Our Plan covers the same period as the BHCC City Plan (up to 2030). It develops and elaborates further the strategic framework established by the City Plan for the future development of the Designated Area and will sit alongside the City Plan as the statutory plan for the area. The Neighbourhood Plan is seen by the Forum as providing the policy context for the Hove Station Area Master Plan for the area.

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Sackville Conway Community Hub CH2

Do you want to improve the public realm in front of the Honeycroft centre, create a pocket park near north of St Barnabas Hall or plot footpaths from Poets Corner to Hove Station? Yes? The Sackville Road – Conway Street Community Hub Group needs you! All these organisations and enterprises operate in a run-down environment, yet they provide vital community services and jobs. … Read more


Hove Station Community Hub – CH1

Hove Station is a major transport hub that has had very little investment for many years.  The area includes shops, small businesses, cafés, bars and pubs and is badly in need of a major environmental public realm uplift. The Forum is proposing to establish a community hub in the immediate vicinity of the Station premises. If you’re interested in joining the Hove Station Improvement group and/or helping with petitions and getting the local businesses involved please get in touch.

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Concepts & Options

Aspirations > Outstanding Questions

2022 – The latest concept masterplan by the Forum,
which incorporates the council’s approved SPD18 plans

Watch our video describing this plan


2020 UPDATE – Good News!

Update 2020: Our concept plan has now been incorporated into B&H council’s Supplementary Planning Document. It will provide detailed guidance to ‘higher-level’ planning policies (in the Brighton & Hove City Plan and the ‘emerging’ Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan). Watch the videos…

2019 – The council’s consultation video

Council survey

There are three major developments happening or about to happen in the Hove Station area. This was the result of top-down planning by the city council. In response to this, the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum produced ‘The Hove Station Quarter Concept Plan and Options Study’ (ideas for a Master Plan). This features a wide range of community-led proposals – including public squares, bridge, footways and a possible school site – in order to support and accommodate this development. This work was led by residents including town planning experts and architects. It was funded by DCLG and prepared by urban design specialists AECOM. We sought feedback from the local community as the plan evolved.

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Report 2

Hove Station Area – Visual Surveys

In 2016, students from The University of Brighton surveyed Hove Station and surrounding areas – revealing interesting insights  – to inform our neighbourhood plan. Click below to download the full reports in PDF Format (caution: large file sizes). Survey 1: This report is a study of  Hove Stati?on, it uses this small area to look at these larger questi?ons of … Read more