Neighbourhood Forum a first for Hove and the city

Friday, 2 January 2015 Residents in Hove have successfully gained approval from Brighton & Hove City Council for a Neighbourhood Forum. The move will enable them to have a bigger say in plans for their area. The Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum (HSNF) is the first to be established in the city and it means that residents and … Read more


HAVE YOUR SAY day 11th February 2014

HOVE STATION NEIGHBOURHOODS FORUM HAVE YOUR SAY  meeting about the implications for Hove Park of Development Area 6 Hove Station designated in the Brighton and Hove City Plan and the Forum’s proposal to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan which will enable local residents and businesses to exert maximum possible influence on the large scale redevelopment of DA … Read more

Forum applies for City Council approval to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan

Proposals for the Forum to be designated as a body qualified to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan were submitted to the City Council at the end of December. These proposals are now out for consultation until February 17th The proposals are on the Council web-site at http://www.brighton-hove.gov.uk/content/planning/neighbourhood-planning/hove-station-neighbourhood-plan Here you can find ….. the application for the … Read more

Map showing both Hove Neighbourhood Plan areas

Questions about the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan boundary

UPDATE: The final boundary has since been designated by the council. There are two neighbourhood Plan areas around DA6. Our Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum area is shown in purple. View an interactive Map ➔ Read more about the outcome of the boundary dispute  ➔ Initial Boundary Consultation – 2014 The Plan has to have a boundary … Read more

Have Your Say day 2 invite - Sep 2013

Have Your Say day 2 invite – Sep 2013

HOVE STATION NEIGHBOURHOODS FORUM invites you to come and HAVE YOUR SAY about the future of your neighbourhood and your Neighbourhood Plan At an exhibition/coffee and tea drinking/drop in sessionIn the CCK building on Clarendon Villas (on the corner of Goldstone Street) Saturday 28th September, any time between 11am and 4pm 1pm: Neighbourhood Development Plans (Rob … Read more

The Story So Far

November 14th 2012 Goldsmid Ward councillors called a second meeting for residents to discuss the proposals being developed by MATSIM for the redevelopment of the bus garage and surrounding area and the idea of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan for the area affected by this proposal. Of the 70 plus residents who turned up from the … Read more

City Plan Development Areas

Who owns Hove Station Development Area 6 ?

Hove Station Neighbourhoods Forum is doing research to find out land ownership in DA6. Why are we doing this? Because the companies that own the land will have a massive influence on how our area changes. The Forum needs to move to a position of having a working relationship with landowners and developers such as KAP … Read more


‘Have Your Say’ Day 2013 – Resident Feedback

On 16th February 2013 the Forum held its first ‘Have Your Say’ day at the Honeycroft Centre on Sackville Road. The event was held to share information with the local community on the development plans for the area and explain how a Neighbourhood Forum can influence local planning decisions. We gathered incredibly valuable community feedback at the event (see the data below). 57 residents completed a questionnaire.  45 of those residents provided their name and contact details, signing up to participate in or be kept up-to-date on the Forum’s activities.

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