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Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum code of conduct

iFirst Published: 17 Mar 2015 Updated: 25 Oct 2018   

We will strive to effectively deliver the NP and act in accordance with its constitution and designation and through adoption of and operation of the recommended principles of Good Governance as set out in “The original Good Governance:” a Code written by and for the voluntary sector and from which much of the HSNF Good Governance guidelines has been drawn.

The HSNF Management Committee has drawn up a short summary of the principles advocated by this “best practice” guide and it will endeavour to ensure that it will as the governing body act in accordance with these principles at all times within its reasonable capability and within the resources it has available to it and its members.

Our Good Governance Principles:

Governance at HSNF – introduction (last updated 16th June 2015)

HSNF Good Gov 1 – Responsibilities and Understanding

HSNF Good Gov 2 – Organisational Purpose

HSNF Good Gov 3 – Teamwork

HSNF Good Gov 4 – Exercise Effective Control

HSNF Good Gov 5 – Behaving with Integrity

HSNF Good Gov 6 – Openness and Accountability

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Constitution, Membership and Working Groups

Constitution and Membership

Working Groups Terms of Reference (draft, 2016)

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