The Plan (Pt. 2 Aspirations)

Introduction to Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan Part Two (draft)

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Neighbourhood Plan Part Two is a cohesive plan of what we want to happen ‘on the ground’. It is an advocacy/bidding document which the Forum and other neighbourhood groups will be able to use – alongside Part One (the statutory NP) – to attract both public and private investment in the area which will deliver public benefit and help the move towards a sustainable neighbourhood. These proposals will not be reviewed by a planning inspector and will not be subject to a referendum, but will need your support.

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Key themes of part two…

Hove Station Quarter Concept to Master Plan


The Urban Quarter Concept Master Plan for DA6 prepared by the Forum and the ongoing development by BHCC (working in partnership with the Forum and landowners) of a Conway Street Master Plan and Delivery Programme.

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Long-term redevelopment and affordable housing

The Plan (Pt. 2 Aspirations)

Aspirational land-use proposals for development which cannot be demonstrated to be deliverable in the next 15 years. These include 

  • long term development proposals which may, in the event be brought forward by landowners as market conditions change e.g. the redevelopment of the Goldstone Retail Park
  • proposals for the development of genuinely affordable housing as part of the overall housing delivery in DA6.

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Community Projects

Map of proposed community hubs in Hove

Community Projects – outline development schemes and priorities for the neighbourhood investment of developer contributions e,g initial proposals for the Community Hubs centred on Hove Station and the Sackville Road Honeycroft Centre and for environmental improvement in the Portland Road shopping and commercial area.

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Green and Efficient Energy Projects


Non-land use policies and projects which promote neighbourhood improvement but do not need planning approval, e.g. an outline Neighbourhood Community Energy Project to promote domestic energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.

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6 Location

Goldstone Retail Park, Newtown Rd, Hove BN3 7PN, UK  Browse all articles by location →

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