The Objectives

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The strategic objectives help to deliver our vision for the future of the Hove station area. These objectives relate to land-use issues and provide the framework to develop our plan policies and proposals. They are broad statements of intent linked to the issues we’re seeking to address through the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan.

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  • Strong and diverse community;
  • Mixed but complementary land uses: such as residential development and substantial employment opportunities, incl. the creative industries sector;
  • Better connectivity and permeability through the area – especially across the railway divide;
  • Prioritising sustainable travel and unlocking existing transport bottlenecks;
  • Rich urban character, drawing on and enhancing historical design/architectural legacy;
  • ‘Urban’ high density: mid-rise development as standard with landmark high rise developments as signature projects at key locations;
  • Housing with varied types, providing good space and sustainability standards; which maximise provision of affordable housing;
  • New and improved social facilities, schools, nurseries, as needed for the increased population;
  • Green, natural and attractive with spaces for communal activities and improved public realm;
  • Reduced carbon emissions through: new low carbon buildings, improved energy efficiency of existing buildings, and sustainable and local generation and use of renewable energy;

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