Have Your Say Day Invite 23 March 2019

Honeycroft Centre, Saturday 23rd March - 12-4pm

We are now in the final stages of preparing your Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan and the regeneration of the Hove Station Area is gathering momentum. Come to Honeycroft and have your say about the latest draft of your community-led plan. Let’s ensure the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!


Exhibition and handouts of our latest draft policies and projects

At this Have Your Say Day we will be exhibiting our FULL PLAN, plus handing out a short summary to kick off the official Regulation 14 Consultation, which runs from 23rd March to 4th May. Come and Have Your Say.



  • * Collect Summary booklet at registration
  • * Exhibition



Small group discussions about key issues near Hove Station:

  • * Traffic & Parking
  • * Housing and developer contributions
  • * Community Hubs Improvement Projects
  • * Major planning applications and the NP
  • * Conway Street Master Plan (SPD) and NP

What matters to you in our rapidly changing neighbourhood? Come and get your copy of the Plan Summary printed booklet, to see how it tackles the big issues around Hove Station.

hsnf Neighbourhood Plan SUMMARY-COVER

The Regulation 14 Public Cosultation runs from
23 March to
midnight 4th May 2019

Have Your Say

Honeycroft logo Hove

Come and Have Your Say at the Honeycroft Centre on Saturday 23rd March – 12-4pm

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