Housing and Regeneration

Reviewing our area from a development perspective and creating development proposals to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan.

‘Have Your Say’ Day 2013 – Resident Feedback

i May 2013 2 comments
On 16th February 2013 the Forum held a ‘Have Your Say’ day at the Honeycroft Centre on Sackville Road. The event was held to share information with the local community on the development… more→

Brighton & Hove City Plan Question Time Debate 31.05.2012

Generating Future Investment for Our City Brighton & Hove City Plan Question Time Debate, held at Brighton College by Centurion Group and Sprunt, in association with Brighton… more→

What is the City Plan and DA6?

The City Plan Part One is Brighton & Hove Council’s top-level strategic policy framework to guide the new development required across the city – including “Developmentmore→

Hyde Housing update September 2016

i Sep 2016 make a comment
Redevelopment of the derelict factory on Newtown Road and the adjoining commercial units in Goldstone Lane has begun.  I took some photos, while visiting the site, when… more→

The Issues

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Planning Problems: The local population is growing much faster than regional and national averages. Our members tell us housing provision is a major issue. The lack of health… more→

What difference can the Neighbourhood Plan make ?

i Feb 2019 make a comment
When compared with the Council’s ‘business as usual’ approach of dealing with developers on a project-by-project basis, the Neighbourhood Plan can get a better deal to improve our… more→

The Plan (Pt.1 Policies)

i Jun 2018 make a comment
Here you will find the latest draft summary and the full Neighbourhood Plan document. Part One will be subject to referendum. What do you think? What do you agree with and disagree… more→

The Plan (Pt. 2 Aspirations)

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Neighbourhood Plan Part Two is a cohesive plan of what we want to happen ‘on the ground’. It is an advocacy/bidding document which the Forum and other… more→

Draft Policy 7: Affordable housing

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The Plan supports innovative approaches to the promotion and delivery of genuinely affordable homes in the area and encourages the City Council and local developers to develop models… more→

Concepts & Options

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Aspirations Outstanding Questions There are three major developments happening or about to happen in the Hove Station area. This is the result of top-down planning by the city council.… more→

Isn’t neighbourhood planning just a tool for those who want to block development?

In a word, no! Neighbourhood planning enables communities to shape the development of their local area in a positive way. With over 260 plans now in force, early findings suggest that… more→

Draft Policy 11: Tall buildings

i Feb 2019 make a comment
In the DA6 part of the Neighbourhood Plan area, building heights will generally be limited to six storeys, with the following exceptions: To the north of the railway taller buildings… more→

Can a Neighbourhood Plan stop development?

In theory, yes – approved neighbourhood planning documents can play a key role in stopping unwanted development. The documents name sites for housing developments and, if… more→

Stoneham Neighbourhood Planning Workshop (Oct 2015)

The Stoneham Neighbourhood Planning Workshop This article will be published by Sussex Magazines in October 2015 Mike Gibson Autumn 2015 Some twenty local residents participated… more→

Proposal for recladding of the Clarendon Villas high-rises

Council visualisations of Clarendon House and other high-rise blocks on Clarendon Rd as they might look if insulation works go ahead (retrieved from www.theargus.co.uk on 15th… more→


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