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Portland Road is one of the city’s local centres and provides a wide range of retail and commercial services within walking distance of the dense terraced housing. With all the new development in the area, there is clearly a need for traffic management; and scope for improving the busy and important group of shops, offices and community facilities on Portland Rd. Join the Stoneham Neighbourhood Planning Group and help to shape the future development of Portland Road

cycle lane on portland road hove

The section of Portland Road that spans the proposed Stoneham Community Hub is in a somewhat rundown state.  The wide pavements feature unused phone boxes, shopkeeper’s cars and rusty old bicycles chained to cycle racks. Cars, buses, taxis and bikes all jostle for space on a narrow, busy road. There is a better way.

Pavement space could be reduced to allow for: a bus stop, parking and a buffered cycle lane that does not impede the flow of traffic. This could not only benefit cyclists, but also pedestrians, bus users, taxis and car drivers. Sections of pavement could extend outwards to accommodate trees and mark out parking areas, loading bays, etc.

A dedicated cycle lane and strategic planting could create a buffer between vehicle exhaust emissions and pavement users, enabling a more suitable environment for attractive and functional street seating – with integrated racks for locking push bikes and scooters. It could also enable zero emission, electric-assist cargo-bike deliveries and pedicabs without impeding traffic (less vans, less loading bays, less noise , etc).

Bus shelter roofs could be utilised for generating solar energy or extra greenery, such as sedum  – to the benefit of the residents in the high-rise flats above.


The Stoneham Neighbourhood Planning Group are developing a Community Hub Improvement Scheme

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