Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan area map

iFirst Published: 23 Feb 2015 Updated: 3 Apr 2019   

Interactive map of our designated Neighbourhood Plan area – showing the boundary in blue, the location of major developments in brown, the neighbourhood zones, local facilities and community hubs. The neighbourhood map also shows the general location of our members and supporters.

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Social Characteristics

Neighbourhood Plan Part 1

See the Plan document for a full Area Profile, including:
Character, Context, Social Stats and Neighbourhood Planning Issues.

After you have read the Plan, we’d love to know if you agree with our analysis of Hove as it is now; and how best to adapt to the regeneration which is about to happen?
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Organisations that support our objectives

  • Custom Pharma Services Ltd
  • Regency Society
  • Hove Civic Society
  • DK Architects
  • Vallance Community Centre
  • Mike Whelan Creative Services
  • Honeycroft Centre
  • T A Architects
  • Blatchington Court Trust
  • Small Batch Coffee Roasters
  • Brighton & Hove Energy Services Company – BHESCo
  • CornerSite Computers
  • How to get your organisation involved and show your support