Policy 1: Creation of the Hove Station Quarter

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Development proposals in the area shown as DA6 in the City Plan will be supported only if they demonstrate a comprehensive and integrated approach aiming to support the creation of Hove Station Quarter with a strong relationship to the station. The Hove Station Master Plan / SPD will provide site by site guidance based on the framework of City Plan and Neighbourhood Plan policies.

The area shown in the City Plan as DA6 will be suitable for a mix of uses comprising residential, commercial, small retail and cultural uses including small workshops. A horizontal mix of uses such as ground floor office / commerce with residential above will be encouraged in appropriate locations to increase interest and attraction at ground floor level. Individual proposals should make efficient use of land and be integrated to achieve a well-functioning, high quality, inclusive and vibrant Hove Station Quarter.

Development proposals need to be sympathetic to and reflect the need for area-wide transport and movement linkages, unifying design features and neighbourhood facilities as indicated in Hove Station Masterplan / SPD and in the diagrams (p.46) and in PART TWO of this document. Significant departures from these principles will need to be justified.

Where phased redevelopment entails buildings standing empty for some time developers are encouraged to find suitable short term uses for such buildings including housing. 

Reason: There is a great opportunity for rejuvenation of this area which should take advantage of Hove Station as a sustainable transport hub for the city. 

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