Policy 1: Creation of the Hove Station Quarter

iFirst Published: 26 Feb 2019   Updated: 16 Dec 2023    Add a comment

Development proposals in the area compromising DA6 in the City Plan Part One will be supported if they demonstrate a comprehensive and integrated approach supporting the creation of Hove Station Quarter with a strong relationship to the station.

[Hove Station Area SPD18 provides development management guidance and is supported by relevant Neighbourhood Plan policies].

City Plan DA6 will be suitable for a mix of uses comprising residential, commercial, small retail and cultural uses including small workshops.

To increase interest at ground floor level, high-quality proposals for ground floor employment with residential above will be encouraged. Proposals designed to create an efficient and well-functioning Hove Station Quarter that are inclusive and vibrant will be supported.

Development proposals which provide sustainable area-wide transport and movement linkages, unifying design features and neighbourhood facilities as indicated in Hove Station Area SPD will also be supported.

Proposals for appropriate interim uses for land and buildings where site assembly and phased redevelopment is awaited, will be encouraged.

Reason: There is a great opportunity for rejuvenation of this area which should take advantage of Hove Station as a sustainable transport hub for the city. 

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