Policy 13 – Parking and Movement

Parking provision in new developments in DA6 will need to comply with the standards set out in the Council’s Supplementary Planning Document 14 for the Central Zone. Parking in the remaining parts of the Neighbourhood Plan area will need to meet the standards for Key Public Transport Corridors. (See Figure 16).

Subject to public consultation the controlled parking zone in the area will be extended to cover Newtown Road to manage the impact of future car parking in the area.

To maximise the efficient use of land, applications for alternative locations for the existing car park at Hove Station will be supported.

New developments should aim to minimise car-based travel and should actively promote and encourage more sustainable modes of travel such as public transport, cycling and walking. This will require travel plans as well as a range of other measures such as designated car club spaces to be allocated throughout the area in discussion with the city’s car clubs, electric charging points, plus extensive and secure cycle parking to standards as set out in SPD 14 (see Table 5). In addition, support for additional public transport services may be required.

New developments proposed will need to ensure that the Hove Station Quarter is easily accessible on foot and by cycle by the provision of appropriate routes. It is also essential that developments ensure that motorised traffic can percolate through the area but that measures are taken in developing the area that severely limit the speeds of any through traffic. Policy 1 and the schedule in Annex 1 set out the expectations of developers and proposed mechanisms to facilitate area wide linkages.

Improvements to the local road/highway network will be sought in order to ensure that safe, efficient and sustainable movement is achieved for all road-users. Such improvements will need to mitigate the impact of new developments in the Hove Station Quarter. Roads that are likely to be impacted include Old Shoreham Road, Fonthill Road, Goldstone Villas, Wilbury Avenue and Newtown Road.

Provision of an east-west pedestrian/cycle link connecting the Sackville Trading Estate / Coalyard site with Newtown Road will be supported. The feasibility of a vehicular link should also be examined although any such proposal will need to be considered in the context of a comprehensive traffic management scheme for the area in particular to avoid extensive rat-running through the area from The Drive via Wilbury Avenue / Newtown Road.

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