Policy 13: Community hubs

iFirst Published: 3 Apr 2019   Updated: 10 Jan 2021    Add a comment

Several locations within the plan area, around Hove Station, the western end of Conway Street, the northern end of the Sackville Trading Estate and near Stoneham Park, have been identified as suitable for community hubs in which a range of facilities should be located. Proposed locations are indicated in Figure 6 in Part ONE of the Plan. It is expected that development will direct appropriate uses to these areas. Appropriate community uses and CIL funding will be directed to these locations to help enhance these hubs.

Additional retail activities will also be acceptable as long as they are located within defined local shopping centres/defined important local parades.  These areas are also prime candidates for an improved public realm. 

CH4 – To be included in the redevelopment of the Sackville Trading Estate


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