Policy 2: Goldstone Retail Park

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In the event that the Goldstone Retail Park site becomes available for redevelopment, proposals for mixed use residential and employment use will be supported. 
See Fig.7, zone P2

Reason: This substantial area of land has the potential to make a substantial additional contribution to the city’s housing need, whilst retaining or increasing the current amount of employment generated on site. It is thought that this site will come forward after the plan period. 

If the site should come forward within the plan period, redevelopment for a mix of residential and employment uses will be encouraged. The scale and design of development and mix of uses will need to take account of the wider context of major developments elsewhere in the DA6 area. An aspirational layout is shown in PART TWO. (Relationship to City Plan: new policy anticipating redevelopment of this area earlier than the City Plan). 

Policy 2: Goldstone Retail Park

Linkages and Connections Across the Quarter

  • For pedestrians and cyclists, safe linkages need to be provided across the area and to Hove Station.
  • The access to the station via the footbridge(s) needs to be made accessible for example to people with prams or in wheelchairs.
  • Car based travel should be possible across the area but at low speeds. The approach to achieve this could include pinch points that discourage rat runs. Considerations should be given to achieve speeds below 20mph through the area for example by sections of private roads, where speeds can be set below 20mph.
  • Surrounding residential roads will also need to be the subject of traffic calming measures to avoid undue traffic pressure arising from new development

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