Policy 4: Land South of the Railway

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Comprehensive redevelopment of land south of the Railway will be supported, taking account of guidance provided in the adopted Hove Station Area SPD. Development should be mixed use residential and employment and should have regard to existing and emerging development proposals elsewhere within the SPD area. Any further development in this area over and above permissions already granted should severely limit the provision of car parking, with new residential in the area being essentially car free as set out in Policy 13.

Particular attention should be paid to Industrial House and other Council owned land in the area with a focus on the potential for publicly owned assets to increase the quantum of high quality sustainable social housing and community space.

Proposals for enhancing and intensifying the use of land on the Clarendon Ellen estate will be supported. See Fig. 7, zone P4.

Policy 4: Land South of the Railway
Fig. 7
Policy 4: Land South of the Railway
Fig. 8 – Land Owners

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