Policy 9: Employment

iFirst Published: 26 Feb 2019   Updated: 24 Mar 2022    Add a comment

All development proposals for employment purposes should accord with the local priorities and requirements set out in Policy DA6 of the City Plan Part 1. Proposals for new retail floorspace within the neighbourhood area should generally be restricted to existing shopping centres defined in the City Plan to help reinforce and strengthen these.

However, within the DA6 area small-scale retail uses may be appropriate as an ancillary element of large, mixed use residential and office developments where it is considered that facilities would help support these developments and would not adversely impact existing defined shopping centres.  

Cultural facilities including arts and crafts studios and workshops will be encouraged, especially in the northern part of the DA6 area. 

New development and changes of uses likely to result in an unacceptable level of noise for neighbouring occupiers will be required to implement appropriate mitigation measures in accordance with draft policy DM40 in the emerging City Plan Part 2.

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