Area wide linkages - Hove Station Quarter

Policy 1: Creation of the Hove Station Quarter

Development proposals in the area shown as DA6 in the City Plan will be supported only if they demonstrate a comprehensive and integrated approach aiming to support the creation of Hove Station Quarter with a strong relationship to the station. The Hove Station Master Plan / SPD will provide site by site guidance based on the framework of City Plan … Read more

Area wide linkages - Hove Station Quarter

Policy 2 & 3: Redevelopment North of Hove Station

2 Coalyard The former Sackville Coalyard is allocated for mixed-use residential and employment development as part of the wider redevelopment of the DA6 area.  This now provides a major opportunity to include the site for comprehensive redevelopment together with the Sackville trading estate site, both of which are now in one ownership. This will be a significant step towards the … Read more

Policy 4: Bus Depot

Policy 4: Bus Depot

Proposals for redevelopment and/or rationalisation of the current bus depot to provide or incorporate residential and employment uses will be supported as part of a comprehensive redevelopment of the area of DA6 South of the railway. Development of the site would need to take into consideration the need for an improved linkage to Hove Station and would need to be … Read more

Hove Conway Ellen area

Policy 5: Remaining Land South of the Railway

Comprehensive redevelopment of land South of the Railway will be supported, taking account of guidance provided in the emerging Hove Station Area Masterplan / SPD. Development should be mixed use residential and employment and should have regard to existing and emerging development proposals elsewhere within the Master Plan area.  Any further development in this area over and above permissions already granted … Read more

Hove Gardens housing mix with small gardens

Policy 6: Housing Mix and Tenure

Throughout the Neighbourhood Plan Area residential development should comply with relevant policies for residential development in City Plan Part 1, including Policies CP14, CP19 and CP20. A mix of rented accommodation, both social and private, and accommodation for owner occupation will be sought across the DA6 area. Bearing in mind the large land holdings in the DA6 area developers will … Read more


Policy 7: Affordable housing

This policy encourages the City Council and local developers to develop models that will ensure homes remain affordable for their lifetime

housing for elderly

Policy 8: Housing for the Elderly

Developers will be encouraged to include High Quality Housing Schemes for the Elderly in accordance with identified needs as indicated in emerging policy DM4 in draft City Plan Part 2. For all such schemes Building Regulation M4(2) will need to apply. Reason: Within and surrounding DA6 there are many large homes occupied by older residents. Providing a range of high-quality … Read more

Policy 9:   Employment

Policy 9: Employment

All development proposals for employment purposes should accord with the local priorities and requirements set out in Policy DA6 of the City Plan Part 1. Proposals for new retail floorspace within the neighbourhood area should generally be restricted to existing shopping centres defined in the City Plan to help reinforce and strengthen these. However, within the DA6 area small-scale retail … Read more

Hove Station Plan design-features-hubs-links

Policy 10: Design & Public Realm

One of a range of policies dealing with aspects of new development, including heights, access, street level design and landscaping. These policies aim to transform run down brownfield sites almost totally devoid of greenery into modern urban neighbourhoods, characterised by green public open space trees.

tall buildings policy in hove Ethel Clarendon Livingstone

Policy 11: Tall buildings

Building heights in DA6 will be consistent with the Neighbourhood Plan vision of a high-density station quarter of an urban character and should comply with City Plan Policy CP12, the accompanying Urban Design Framework SPD and Hove Station Area Masterplan. New tall buildings should have regard to and respect existing buildings and planning permissions already granted, taking account in particular … Read more

sports facilities health and beauty

Policy 12: Community Facilities

Proposals which broaden and enhance the mix of community facilities such as day nurseries, GP surgeries or sports facilities will be encouraged as an essential component to the use mix in the Hove Station Quarter. Such proposals will need to take account of relevant planning policy considerations including traffic/parking and neighbour/amenity impacts. Where proposed developments would lead to increases in … Read more

Map of proposed community hubs in Hove

Policy 13: Community hubs

Several locations within the plan area, around Hove Station, the western end of Conway Street, the northern end of the Sackville Trading Estate and near Stoneham Park, have been identified as suitable for community hubs in which a range of facilities should be located. Proposed locations are indicated in Figure 6 in Part ONE of the Plan. It is expected that development will … Read more


Policy 14: Conservation

The Neighbourhood Plan policy on conservation and how it impacts the archtectural heritage of the conservation areas around Hove Station.


What difference can the Neighbourhood Plan make ?

When compared with the Council’s ‘business as usual’ approach of dealing with developers on a project-by-project basis, the Neighbourhood Plan can get a better deal to improve our local community. For instance, our neighbourhood plan will: create a framework for development to deliver a new Hove Station Quarter – straddling the railway. The major landowners have bought into and support … Read more


The Plan (Pt. 2 Aspirations)

Neighbourhood Plan Part Two is a cohesive plan of what we want to happen ‘on the ground’. It is an advocacy/bidding document which the Forum and other neighbourhood groups will be able to use – alongside Part One (the statutory NP) – to attract both public and private investment in the area which will deliver public benefit and help the move towards a sustainable neighbourhood. These proposals will not … Read more