Planning Policies

Collection of policies including local and national planning policy relevant to the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan.

This includes a selection of draft HSNF Neighbourhood Planning policies which help to move from Concept Plan ideas to the reality of bricks & mortar. The policies enable a 19th century neighbourhood to absorb and benefit from 21st century urban growth.

Draft Policy 11: Tall buildings

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In the DA6 part of the Neighbourhood Plan area, building heights will generally be limited to six storeys, with the following exceptions: To the north of the railway taller buildings… more→

Can a Neighbourhood Plan stop development?

In theory, yes – approved neighbourhood planning documents can play a key role in stopping unwanted development. The documents name sites for housing developments and, if… more→

Can a land owner object at examination if his site is not allocated for development in a neighbourhood plan?

Examinations will be by written representations, examiners will have the ability (indeed will have a duty) to hear oral representations, where necessary, to ensure adequate examination… more→

Draft Policy 15: Conservation

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Proposals for change of use and /or improvements to the original station building will be expected to contribute to increasing the attraction of this part of the centre of the new Hove… more→

Do town councils make the final decision on all new development if they have a neighbourhood plan?

Yes, decision-making on planning applications rests with the Local Planning Authority (LPA). The community leads on preparing the plan and setting out the policies for development… more→

How can good design be made into policy?

A neighbourhood plan enables a community to influence the design and character of future development in the area where they live. This means producing polices which set forth specific… more→

What is a Design Code?

A design code provides detailed design guidance for a site or area; they prescribe design requirements (or ‘rules’) that new development within the specified site or area should… more→

What is a Master Plan?

A master plan is a detailed long-term planning document which will be executed until the end of a project. It provides a layout to guide future growth and development. Master… more→


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