Draft Policy 7: Affordable housing

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The Plan supports innovative approaches to the promotion and delivery of genuinely affordable homes in the area and encourages the City Council and local developers to develop models that will ensure that homes remain affordable for their lifetime.  It is proposed that current Council land holdings in the Conway Street area will contribute to providing such property as part of the comprehensive redevelopment of large parts of land south of the railway.

Reason for this policy:

The Neighbourhood Plan aims to enable the new Hove Station Quarter to develop as a lively and socially mixed area. This will require a wide range of high-density accommodation ranging from single occupancy to family housing, providing homes for a diversity of income groups, 

At our Have Your Say Day events and other activities housing provision has become an increasingly big issue, reflecting growing local awareness of city’s worsening housing crisis. Four interrelated housing issues have emerged increasing strongly.

The local community accepts the need to deliver substantial housing provision in the DA6 area, on what is acknowledged to be ‘brownfield land,characterized by run-down and deteriorating buildings occupying under-used land.

But there is a real concern that pressure from developers, the government and the housing market may push the volume of new dwellings built to the point of over-development – growth beyond the capacity of local infrastructure – particularly the road network, but also school provision, health and welfare services, neighbourhood recreation and community facilities

Given that the area has excellent access to public transport it makes sense to build at relatively high density– but adding to the existing tower blocks is a controversial issue.

The increasing concern and frustrations of local people about the affordabilitof new houses, for sale or rent, as recently constructed housing is priced beyond the reach of most local people.

See the Full Neighbourhood Plan and Have Your Say

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