What is the City Plan and DA6?

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The City Plan Part One is Brighton & Hove Council’s top-level strategic policy framework to guide the new development required across the city – including “Development Area 6 (DA6)”. The first draft of the city plan was the catalyst for Hove residents to respond through the formation of Neighbourhood Plans to the north and south of DA6. 

See B&H City Plan Pt. 1

Brighton City Plan Development Areas

What is a Local Plan?

(AKA local development plan)

Brighton & Hove City Council’s City Plan Part Two is being developed in parallel with the Neighbourhood Plan. 

The role of the City Plan Part Two is to support implementation and delivery; to build on the strategic policy framework; to identify and allocate additional development sites and to set out a detailed development management policy framework to assist in the determination of planning applications.

See B&H City Plan Pt. 2