Statement of Community Engagement: Hove Gardens Development Proposals (HSNF-Matsim)

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In 2015, HSNF met with the developer Matsim. This dialogue enabled us to comment on and influence the evolving proposals and to subsequently include a public exhibition of the draft proposals at our fourth Have Your Say Day on November 21st which had over 130 participants. The dialogue focused exclusively on the physical design aspects of the scheme and did not specifically address housing tenure and price. The issue of the proportion of affordable housing will be a key concern of the council and it is a major issue for the ongoing development of the Neighbourhood Plan which will be addressed at our fifth Have Your Say Day.

This note draws on notes of the meetings prepared by Matsim to summarise the points which were discussed, with particular reference to the issues raised by the Forum from the perspective of the emerging Neighbourhood Plan. The Forum strongly supports Matsim’s strategy of developing the Hove Gardens project as the initial phase of the eventual comprehensive redevelopment City Plan DA6 which is south of the railway. Click the link to read more.

HSNF Matsim’s Statement of Engagement 29th March 2016

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