Regency Society

iFirst Published: 10 Feb 2019 Updated: 28 Mar 2019    Comments Off on Regency Society

The Regency Society supports the Neighbourhood Plan by providing their fantastic archive of photos which have been used by the Forum to illustrate the changing face of Hove and highlight the local heritage that needs to be conserved and/or enhanced.

The Regency Society was founded to protest against the potential destruction of Brighton and Hove’s historic heritage, and they still work to ensure that our historic townscape and buildings are protected by contributing to Council discussions, promoting their views and advocating good practice.

The Society’s interest is not restricted to the Regency period despite their name. They are also keen to support the construction and conservation of high quality townscape and buildings from every era and have a lively interest in the future development of our town and the issues which confront it in the 21st century.