Hove Station Hub area

area mapArticles about the busy mixed-use area around Hove Station (Goldstone Villas, Station Approach, Hove Park Villas, etc. –  including shops, small businesses, cafés, bars and pubs. It is badly in need of a major environmental public realm uplift.

The issue for the Neighbourhood Plan is to develop a policy and projects to improve the public realm, enhance the immediate setting of the listed buildings and make the interchange more pedestrian & cycle friendly – and thus underpin recent and attract further private investment.

How can we improve the area around Hove Station?

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What do you think of the area around Hove Station? What concerns do you have?What about the pedestrian footbridge? The approaches to the station? The flow of traffic? The public phone… more→

Hove Station Community Hub – CH1

i Feb 2018 5 comments
Hove Station is a major transport hub that has had very little investment for many years.  The area includes shops, small businesses, cafés, bars and pubs and is badly in need… more→

Help us to Develop Community Hubs in Hove

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It is proposed that the Neighbourhood Plan will include a policy for the development of Community Hubs and some sketch schemes to show how these locations can be improved. Several… more→

Have Your Say Day: Sat 17th Feb 2018 – Honeycroft community centre

i Jan 2018 1 comment
Our sixth public Have Your Say Day will take place on Saturday 17th February, at the Honeycroft Centre, Sackville Road (see map below). Come along any time between 11:30 am and 3 pm – to… more→

Movement & Connectivity Policies

i Jun 2017 2 comments
New development means more traffic pressure. The road network around Hove Station needs to be improved. We need to balance the flow of additional traffic with the needs of local residents… more→

Call for major improvements to Hove Station Footbridge

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Architect David Kemp is among a number of local businesses and residents calling for more substantial work on the bridge which has fallen into “an appalling condition”. Mr Kemp drew… more→

Hove Station footbridge improvement petition February 2016

We’re asking everyone to sign the online petition “Hove Station footbridge improvement“. ​The Hove Station Bridge is continuing to deteriorate. It is… more→

Have Your Say Day – 21st November 2015

The forum’s ‘Have Your Say’ event on Saturday 21st November 2015 was held at Clarendon Villas. This was regarded as very successful anda major step forward… more→

Hove Station Area – Visual Surveys

In 2016, students from The University of Brighton surveyed Hove Station and surrounding areas – revealing interesting insights  – to inform our neighbourhood… more→

Concepts & Options

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Aspirations Outstanding Questions There are three major developments happening or about to happen in the Hove Station area. This is the result of top-down planning by the city council.… more→

Draft Policy 11: Tall buildings

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In the DA6 part of the Neighbourhood Plan area, building heights will generally be limited to six storeys, with the following exceptions: To the north of the railway taller buildings… more→

Draft Policy 15: Conservation

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Proposals for change of use and /or improvements to the original station building will be expected to contribute to increasing the attraction of this part of the centre of the new Hove… more→


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