Video: Why Hove Station needs a Neighbourhood Plan

Community-focused Development in DA6

iFirst Published: 1 Dec 2022   Updated: 13 Jan 2024    1 Comment

The Hove Station area is undergoing massive change. We are a group of local people who have volunteered to create a Neighbourhood Plan – to ensure the whole community can benefit from this new development.

This short video is an introduction to our Plan, why we need it, who will benefit, and why we think you should vote for it. If you live in the area, please vote for the Neighbourhood Plan in the Regulation 16 Consultation (Nov 2022) and referendum on Friday 9th February 2024.

All residents over 18 living in the Neighbourhood Plan Area will be given the opportunity to answer yes or no to the question:

‘Do you want Brighton & Hove City Council to use the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan to help it decide planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area?’

The outcome will be a simple majority vote, but we are aiming for a significant majority that would reflect all the hard work by the Management Committee and its working groups – all volunteer residents.

If enough people vote, the Plan will have real legal teeth, and will sit alongside the council’s City Plan, to make sense of the “development puzzle”. Our vision for the Hove Station Quarter is to create a vibrant, inclusive community – a great place to live, work and relax! Find out more at

1 thought on “Video: Why Hove Station needs a Neighbourhood Plan”

  1. The development seems to be going ahead regardless of what residents think. The latest proposal to have ‘Priority’ traffic control for Fonthill road tunnel seems guaranteed to create traffic jams, fumes and a lot of aggravation, silly idea just to make the pavement wider. I see nothing in the plans about medical facilities or school places.


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