Our petition against the council’s waste management site

Brighton & Hove City Council have proposed allocating the Coal Yard site as a waste management site. Both Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum and the owners of the site objected… more→

HSNF designated as a body qualified to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan

Formal notification from Brighton and Hove City Council designating the Hove Station Neighbourhood Area (26th September 2014)         HSNF Designation… more→

Let’s chat in Facebook!

www.facebook.com/HoveStationNeighbourhoodForum/ Let us know what you’re think what your ideas or concerns are. Give us feedback about the forum, the website, the Facebook… more→

Hyde Housing update Nov 2015

Hyde Housing update: Yesterday, three of us from the forum met with Hyde Housing (www.hyde-housing.co.uk) in Davigdor Road. They gave us an update on the planned redevelopment on… more→

Forum Constitution

This is the constitution of the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum that was agreed at the Annual General Meeting of 14th October, 2014. You can read the HSNF Constitution below… more→

Communications and Community Engagement working group

2016-02-18 Comms Meeting minutes 2016-01-19 Comms Meeting minutes 2015-12-08 Comms Meeting minutes 2015-11-11 HSNF Comms update 2015-10-21 HSNF Comms update 2015-09-21 Comms… more→

Neighbourhood Forum a first for Hove and the city

Friday, 2 January 2015 Residents in Hove have successfully gained approval from Brighton & Hove City Council for a Neighbourhood Forum. The move will enable them… more→

The Argus article 13th Nov 2015: Multi-million pound Hove Gardens redevelopment scheme being revived

On 13th November 2015 the Evening Argus published an article describing Matsim properties’ proposal for transforming industrial unites in the heart of Hove into modern… more→

Stoneham Neighbourhood Planning Workshop (Oct 2015)

The Stoneham Neighbourhood Planning Workshop This article will be published by Sussex Magazines in October 2015 Mike Gibson Autumn 2015 Some twenty local residents participated… more→

Proposal for recladding of the Clarendon Villas high-rises

Council visualisations of Clarendon House and other high-rise blocks on Clarendon Rd as they might look if insulation works go ahead (retrieved from www.theargus.co.uk on 15th… more→

HSNF official logo

New logo designed by Mike Whelan 9 Download Download Big logo (right-click save as) Download Small logo (right-click save as)… more→


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