The Plan (Pt.1 Policies)

Here you will find the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan (HSNP) documents – produced by local residents after extensive community engagement . Part One will be subject to referendum (9 Feb ’24). Our Plan covers the same period as the BHCC City Plan (up to 2030). It develops and elaborates further the strategic framework established by the City Plan for the future development of the Designated Area and will sit alongside the City Plan as the statutory plan for the area. The Neighbourhood Plan is seen by the Forum as providing the policy context for the Hove Station Area Master Plan for the area.

The Plan (Pt.1 Policies)

Key features of our Neighbourhood Plan:

  • Place-making
  • Principles and guidance for redevelopment of the area
  • The whole is greater than the sum of the parts
  • Deliverable within 15 years
  • Legally binding
  • Subject to Referendum

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Latest Summary

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Have Your Say

Community engagement started in 2013 and culminated in the official Regulation 14 public consultation process which took place from 23rd March to 11th May, 2019. Here are some of the key facts and figures from the last seven years.

Consultation statistics

The following posters provide a sample of the communication process that has led to the creation of the neighbourhood development plan:

01  What is a Neighbourhood Plan

02  A Neighborhood Plan is a Legal Document

03  Why a Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan

Advantages and Benefits


04  Our Achievements So Far

The Plan – Parts 1 & 2
Content Structure and Themes

05  Vision & Objectives

06  Neighbourhood Planning Principles
HSNF-poster-06 Principles-Themes

07  DA6 North of the Railway – Hove Newtown

07a  Central Focus of Hove Newtown
HSNF-poster-07a-Central Focus of Hove Newtown (pdf)

08  Hove Station Gateway

09  DA6 South of the Railway
HSNF-poster-09-DA6 South

10  Stoneham Neighborhood Community Audit

11  Sustainable Green Neighbourhood Group

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