HSNF Annual General Meeting 2015/16

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To all Members of Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum

I am writing to ​advise you that the AGM of the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum covering the period of July 2014 to December 2015 (18 months) will be held in Ralli Hall on

Wednesday 27th January 7.30-9.00 pm. We have taken the step to extend the period of the
report to take into account the fact that we are operating on a calendar year period in future.
​I apologise for the delay ​ in informing you of the date but I ​do hope you will be able to attend.
​Please find  attach​ed the AGM Agenda ​ which will also be posted on the Hove station forum website.
You ​will see that we have vacancies ​on the management committee for two officers:
  • Secretary and
  • Membership Secretary​
We would also like to add other members to the committee to share the burden of workload
which is ramping up this year.

If you would like to join the Management Committee and can bring the right skills or simply
a willing attitude, please let us know within the next few days by replying to this email.
Valuable skills that we need in addition to the two posts mentioned are as follows:

  • Project management
  • Communication/community engagement skills
Please let me know if you are interested and available to give some of your time to
help build a strong Neighbourhood Plan for Hove Station Area.
We have a powerpoint presentation of the exhibition, which was prepared for a very successful
Have Your Say Day last November ​21 at the Clarendon Centre.
​We are planning to have our next Have Your Say Day in March at a date and Venue to be advised.​
The powerpoint presentation will be available on our website by Monday.

Best wishes

Nigel Richardson
HSNF Chair

P.P.  Robert Glick
Communications working group convener


  • Please see below for the agenda.
  • Please also take a look at the Hove Station Quarter Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
    which has been posted separately on the website and on our Facebook page. 



  1. Minutes of 2014 AGM
  1. Chair’s report
  1. Treasurer’s report
  2. Election of officers

Chair                      Nigel Richardson
Vice-chair                        Jon Turner
Treasurer                         Sue Gibson
Secretary                          Vacant
Membership Secretary  Vacant

  1. Election of Committee members
  • Committee members wishing to continue in 2016 – Helmut Lusser, Robert Glick, David Kemp, Stuart Croucher
  • New committee members – vacancies
  1. Aob