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Redevelopment of the derelict factory on Newtown Road and the adjoining commercial units in Goldstone Lane has begun.  I took some photos, while visiting the site, when Hyde were starting the demolition:

2016-09-28 Hyde have begun demolition
2016-09-28 Hyde have begun demolition
2016-09-28 the fly-tipped rubbish, now cleared, had been several metres deep
2016-09-28 the fly-tipped rubbish, now cleared, had been several metres deep

Hyde Housing had sealed off the site a few months earlier:
2016-09-15-hyde-housing-sealed-off-the-site 2016-09-15-hyde-have-cleared-the-site-of-fly-tipped-rubbish

In June 2016, I met with Dan Maitland, the Construction Project Manager of Hyde Housing (www.hyde-housing.co.uk). Dan gave me an update on their plans for this large development on the corner of Goldstone Lane and Newtown Road.

The Hyde Group would like to thank The Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum for the invite to the Have Your Say Day. Sadly, we are unable to attend the event but have prepared a statement along with a brief presentation. 

As of the 25th May 2016, The Newtown Road Development was granted full planning consent to build 65 new homes and B1 office accommodation on the site of 56 Newtown Road and 70 Goldstone Lane. Over the coming weeks, pre-commencement planning conditions will be submitted to the Local Authority along with the commencement of minor preparatory works on site.

Demolition is planned to start early August 2016 and the entire construction programme is due to last approximately 2 years from that date. The Hyde Group have appointed PMC Construction and Development Services Limited to deliver the build. They are part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme and as part of the planning agreement with Brighton & Hove City Council will be providing a minimum 25% employment to construction workers within the Brighton & Hove area.

As a social housing provider, The Hyde Group is committed to providing quality homes across all tenures and the Newtown Road Development will deliver 40% share of affordable homes share, comprising; 8 Affordable Rent and 18 Shared Ownership dwellings.

We are excited to finally get the project underway and look forward delivering additional much needed housing supply to the area.’

Robert Glick, HSNF Communications and Community Engagement working group

Article from The Argus 11th Sept 2014:   www.theargus.co.uk/…/11467419.Plans_to_bring_59_flats__six…/


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