How can good design be made into policy?

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A neighbourhood plan enables a community to influence the design and character of future development in the area where they live. This means producing polices which set forth specific design requirements for a neighbourhood area or development site. There are a number of guides available to help, such as:
1) Locality’s Design in Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit,

2) Design Council’s guide to Healthy Placemaking 

3) More resources here…

Hove Park Villas Concept Sketches_TurnerAssociatesHow can good design be made into policy?To see how we’re implementing good design into our policies, please see the “Design and public realm” section in the latest Plan Summary Document

Our summary document sets out the vision, followed by objectives and policies. A clear vision determines the strategic objectives, which can be articulated through well designed policies – to ensure the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Let us know if you think there is scope for further improvement.