Review of our Have Your Say Day – March 2017

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The forum held a successful “Have Your Say” Day on Saturday 18th March at St Barnabas Church, Sackville Rd.  The public meeting was attended by a wide section of the community – over 120 attendees – who provided over 40 pages of valuable feedback to guide the creation of our Neighbourhood Plan. Subscribe now to ensure you are notified about our next event.

Photos and numbers from the day (event attendance, etc.):
Report-HSNF Have Your Say 3.2017

600 new homes for the Hove Station area (article in 19th March 2017)

New homes article in The Argus (20th March 2017)

March 2017 Newsletter:
20170312 HSNF Newsletter March 2017

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1 thought on “Review of our Have Your Say Day – March 2017”

  1. First of all thank you very much, committee, for your dedicated work and for organising last Sat. ‘Have your say day’. It was very informative but also slightly depressing to learn how much of the housing development is determined by the national government and how little leeway there seems to be. BUT knowing how the government has been cut down everything down to the bone I don’t quite accept that we have to follow all what has been demanded of Brighton / Hove. Would the government really know if instead of the required 1200 flats only e.g. 1000 would be built. We know there are not enough inspectors to check up on regulations – the food scandals, the Greenfell scandal are just 2 examples of such failure. Could we not take this to our advantage?
    I am pleased the committee has forged a good working relationship with the council and from Liz’s account I feel the council is very glad of all the input you are giving. This is the only way forward to maybe achieve some positive results within this vast building project. For me the most important thing is to work out a solid long term and comprehensive plan for the infrastructure:
    – parking facilities (it is a joke to figure in self-drive cars as solution for our parking problems!)
    – road network
    – public leisure facilities, sports facilities, play grounds
    – youth clubs, football facilities, meeting places for teenagers
    – open areas with benches and trees to break up the rows and rows of housing.
    – schools (although the birth rate has slowed down temporary this is no guarantee that this trend will con-
    tinue. By the time all the houses have been built the picture will probably be very different. Where would
    the space be found if schools suddenly would be required
    – Hove Park is already now used to its limit where will the people who move into the 1200 flats go and walk
    their dogs, take their kids out on skates, cycles and scooters?
    – Facilities for older people.

    It is easy enough to build a lot of houses, it is a lot harder to build a community.
    Thanks for everything you are doing for our Hove neighbourhood,


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