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The School Rd-Portland Rd area needs to be improved to enhance its positive community role. Join the Stoneham Neighbourhood Planning Group and help to shape the future development of Stoneham. Investment will be needed from a variety of sources, in particular from developer contributions – the cash that developers have to pay to the Council for infrastructure to support the development which they are proposing.

West Hove Primary School and the new Health Centre are major community facilities in an area which is undergoing significant change. A combination of small scale redevelopments on Kingsthorpe Road and the proposed major redevelopment of the Westows site in School Road will soon transform the area: 100+ dwellings, 40% affordable, 500m2 of business space.

There is clearly a need for traffic management on Portland Rd; and scope for improving the busy and important group of shops, offices and community facilities.

The Friends of Stoneham Park have lots of ideas about further improvements of this vital community resource. The Café has developed as a thriving community centre but needs support to improve its operation, including a buggy park.

Hove YMCA replaced by housing

Community facilities lost to housing

The Stoneham area has recently lost a wide range of community facilities – including the YMCA on Marmion Road and Westows as a result of redevelopment for new housing which increases the local population. It is important to highlight this deteriorating situation, identify possible replacement provision and establish priorities for the local investment of developer contributions.

Westows have told us that in 2017, they received 50,000 visits by children

  • 27,000 paying to play
  • 16,000 at classes including football coaching
  • 2,000 siblings to children at classes
  • 5,000 at birthday parties

 This also includes 558 who got a discount using the Compass card or carers card saving almost £1,000 on entry.

How can we move forward?

Action so far

We have a positive relationship with the West Hove Forum and local residents formed the Stoneham Neighbourhood Planning Group and, to ensure the needs and priorities of the residents and businesses west of Sackville Road are taken fully into account in the development of the Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan. They surveyed residents about what they think is special about the Stoneham area, what they don’t like and would like changed or improved. The group also supported the Councillors in their negotiations with the developers on the planning application submitted for the redevelopment of the Westows site.

Get Involved
Do you want to help us?

  • identify a suitable a ‘community function room’
  • explore ways for the school and health centre to be supported
  • review traffic management in the context of increased housing
  • assess the scope for green mini-landscaping projects, incl. tree planting
  • Identify possible improvement of Portland Road / Stoneham Park
  • Come to our next meeting at Lawrence Arts Studios in September 2018

Would you like to join this groupDo you have any suggestions for the Community Hub Improvement Group? Please email or comment below.


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