Hove Station Area – Visual Surveys

Urban Character Studies and resident interviews

In 2016, students from The University of Brighton surveyed Hove Station and surrounding areas – revealing interesting insights  – to inform our neighbourhood plan.

Click below to download the full reports in PDF Format (caution: large file sizes).

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Survey 1:

This report is a study of  Hove Stati?on, it uses this small area to look at these larger questi?ons of place identi?ty. They looked at: features, appearance, ac?vi?es, functi?on, meanings and symbols to understand how each interacts with the others to create a sense of place.

Survey 2

Hove Station Area - Visual Surveys
West of the DA6: Portland Rd, Poet’s Corner, Stoneham, etc – survey (40Mb)

Kevin Lynch’s seminal text The Image of a City (1960) introduced the concept of re-considering the urban form. Rather than simply focusing on traditional ways of looking at the urban environment, such as professional maps and plans, Lynch suggested alternative techniques of engaging with a city, helping to identify how people use and perceive their environment.

This survey aims to build a true and accurate picture of the area west of DA6. By employing a range of different research methods we have been able to carefully analyse the urban structure, the streetscape, identify character areas and examine how people use the built environment and its facilities.

Simple sketch of typical houses in Goldstone area, Hove

What do local people think about the Hove Station area?

The surveys help to identify key issues and contribute to supporting and shaping the community-led Neighbourhood Development Plan. Some excerpts from the interviews are shown below:

What do you think are the main strengths and weaknesses of this part of Hove?
“Strengths it’s a nice area and threats I would say over development of the area”.

Portland Rd café owner, Hove Visual Survey Group 2, 2016

“Even though it’s a city it still has a village character about it.”

Goldstone Villas shopkeeper, Hove Visual Survey Group 1, 2016

“There’s not much of a community in the street as there are a lot of London-bound commuters.”

Elderly resident, Hove Visual Survey Group 1, 2016

Do you know much about the any future development and what do you think is needed?
“I don’t know anything and I’m not sure to be honest”.

Hove Visual Survey Group 2, 2016

Do you think there is enough green space?
“More green space can be needed we have lots of open fields but not enough trees or parkland and also lack of urban design”.

Hove Visual Survey Group 2, 2016

“…I don’t go out a lot at night. Even walking my dog at 8 or 9 at night, I don’t really want to go anywhere that’s a bit secluded because I don’t feel safe as a woman.”

Female resident, Hove Visual Survey Group 1, 2016

“…the little? footbridge is always a bit dodgy, even in the day… I always seem to trip on the steps…”

Female resident, Hove Visual Survey Group 1, 2016

“I don’t like that at all [points to Cliftonville Court]. It’s nasty… It’s
the first thing you see when you get out the station as well…”

Barmaid, Hove Visual Survey Group 1, 2016

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