Join HSNF to take part in the workshop on Transport

iFirst Published: 9 Sep 2018   Updated: 22 Dec 2020    Add a comment

We now have a timetable for completion of the draft Neighbourhood Plan, including consultation, before the HSNF Neighbourhood Plan proposal is submitted to the council. 

The next step will be a workshop with Council officers on travel & transport  (including traffic and parking).  This workshop should be scheduled soon  and members of the Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum will be invited to take part ….. so please watch out for details and please pass this message on to anyone who you think may be interested. They will need to join the forum as a member to be invited

Details of the workshop (time, date and venue) will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.

For guidance on what we can and cannot deal with in the Neighbourhood Plan members should look at Locality’s guide Neighbourhood Planning and Transport – a guide for Neighbourhood Planners at:

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