Online petition for the council to rescind permission for TK Maxx Sunday deliveries

iFirst Published: 8 Oct 2021   Updated: 13 Dec 2022    Add a comment

October 2021

Dear residents living near the Goldstone Retail Park.

As you may be aware, TK Maxx have started taking deliveries early on Sunday mornings.

For neighbouring residents, this is a major problem, affecting sleep, health and wellbeing. Deliveries involve loud, metal-on-metal sounds, amplified by the echo effects of the warehouse walls. 

Until now, Sundays have been the only day of the week, free from these deliveries. 

The council planning department have given TK Maxx the green light for Sunday deliveries without any planning application or any consultation with the local residents.

We object to this change and we will demonstrate our opposition to the council.

You can register your objection by signing the petition at:

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