Hove Station Quarter Master Plan Animated

Design & Architecture for Regeneration

What’s happening in Hove? Cranes, cranes everywhere! The creation of a new Hove Station Quarter has begun! Watch this video to get a sense of what the area will soon be like, plus long-term plans and ambitions. Back in 2013, local residents joined a forum and created a neighbourhood plan, to ensure all residents can benefit from the regeneration.

This video showcases the results of the partnership between planners, developers and the local community – with a shared vision for a new Hove Station Quarter: A vibrant and inclusive community… a great place to live, work and relax.

The vision and concept master plan has been incorporated into an official Brighton & Hove planning document (SPD18). Residents and interested developers are encouraged to join community hub working groups to develop medium and long term aspirations and help to ensure the community’s vision is fully realised. HoveStationForum.co.uk.

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