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Hove Station is a major transport hub that has had very little investment for many years.  The area includes shops, small businesses, cafés, bars and pubs and is badly in need of a major environmental public realm uplift. The Forum is proposing to establish a community hub in the immediate vicinity of the Station premises. If you are interested in joining the improvement group and/or helping with petitions and getting the local businesses involved please get in touch.

Hove Station approach Concept Sketch by Turner Associates


  • the Goldstone Villa shops
  • the Station Pub
  • the Footbridge
  • the station listed buildings, Station Approach – Denmark Villas, including Ralli Hall with its wide range of community facilities
  • the Post Office sorting office
  • the shops at the bottom of Hove Park Villas
  • the Blatchington Court Trust
  • the Hove Business Centre in Dubarry Buildings


The Hove Station Community Hub will be the primary focal point of the new Hove Station Quarter, but the Hub area needs:

  • a significant environmental uplift to improve the public realm; and
  • a major improvement in traffic management which will enable it to function as the ‘sustainable transport hub’ as envisaged in the City Plan DA6 proposals.

How ? – build on work already done

The Forum established the Hove Station Area Improvement Group of local residents which has met twice and done some important preliminary work to identify the key issues and possible actions.

This Group has

  • contributed to the briefing which the Forum Committee gave to the government funded AECOM consultants who produced the Hove Station Quarter Concept Plan which illustrates:
    • revised traffic management to enable pedestrians to move more safely and easily between the bus stops, the Station entrance and the footbridge
    • conservation of the listed buildings in Goldstone Villas and Denmark Villas
    • potential improvement of the public realm, including
      • widening and landscaping pavements outside shops
      • an informal seated and landscaped area in front of the listed Station buildings to replace the car wash
    • organised the Hove Station Footbridge Petition, with 550 signatures,  which was presented  to the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee last Tuesday March 14th

However, the only local organization which has been involved to date has been the Blatchington Trust who kindly provides a meeting room in their premises in Hove Park Villas

Hove Park Villas Concept Sketch by Turner Associates

How? –  next steps

The development of a Hove Station Community Hub Improvement Project will be undertaken by expanding the Hove Station Area Improvement Group to include local businesses, as well as more local residents and community organisations.

This wider group will

  • work with urban designers to develop the ideas in the Hove Station Quarter Concept Plan into a Hove Station Community Hub Improvement Scheme for inclusion in the  Neighbourhood Plan Part 2. 
  • add the perspective of the local businesses on improvements which would enhance their operating environment
  • encourage shop owners and community organisations to promote the work of the Forum,  spread awareness of the Neighbourhood Plan and recruit new Forum members
  • develop ‘ball park costs’ for a phased programme of works to be funded by a combination of public investment, developer contributions and contributions from businesses

Who? and When ?

A fourth meeting of the Hove Station Area Improvement Group will be scheduled for September 2018 at the Blatchington Trust.  The agenda will include

  • the progress of the phone box removal petition, launched on paper today and on line next week.to remove the derelict phone boxes outside the Station pub
  • what needs to be done to develop the sketch schemes with the involvement of the local businesses as stakeholders in the Community Hub Improvement Project

Action  Now

phone boxes-station-pub-hove-caption

Sign the Petition to BT for the removal of the public phone booths outside the Station Pub in  Goldstone Villas

The Forum has been asked to do what it can to get the pay phone booths outside the Station pub removed . Both are eyesores.  One no longer works and in the recent past has been used as a toilet. This why the owners of the adjacent café have put milk crates in the booth. There is a public payphone 50 metres away in the station entrance.

If you are interested in contributing to the development of improvement proposals and/or helping with the petition and/or getting the local businesses involved please get in touch

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5 thoughts on “Hove Station Community Hub – CH1”

  1. Thanks Jon. Traffic management is one of the issues most frequently raised by the public. It’s certainly a major challenge in the congested Hove Station area.

  2. Increased traffic flow in a proposed one way system down Denmark Villas and Eaton Villas will lead to traffic backing up and constant congestion in one of the best preserved Victorian conservation areas. Having lived in Denmark Villas for 17 Years we and the other local residents have not experienced any problems with the traffic flow around Hove Station. Residents of Denmark Villas chose to live there because of the relative lighter flow of traffic with less pollution,helping to preserve this unique road’s special environment . Particularly concerning is the fact that for the first time heavy goods vehicles and buses would use Denmark Villas as a through route,

  3. That’s a good point, Brian. We should discuss this at the next meeting of the Hove Station Community Hub.

  4. I agree with Brian Capron about traffic in Denmark Villas. Traffic flow is not a current problem and there is no need for change.


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